450+ employees (LT+LV).
100.000+ different SKU
4 garages
6 branches
43 retail shops
17.000 m2 sales area (shops)
10.000 m2 central warehouse
50 mln Euro turnover
Certified ISO 9001:2018

EOLTAS is the leading wholesaler and retailer of vehicle parts in the Baltic region (started in 1993). Part by part, EOLTAS has also carved out a strong niche in the European automotive industry.
In automobiles, as in business, as in life – true character emerges part by part. This principle is the driving force behind the company’s growth. Little by little, we have grown our assortment to over 100.000 unique items. Today EOLTAS represents as many as 100 well-known aftermarket brands for European, American, and Asian passenger and commercial vehicles.